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Inverclyde Across to Lourdes Group

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About the Service

The Inverclyde Across to Lourdes group is a small local Charity registered with OSCR. The Charity has been established since 1994 with charity number SC 023170 The group travel by a specially equipped ambulance called a “jumbulance” which has 7 beds, W.C. for disabled use and kitchen to allow catering en-route. The Jumbulance exists for sick and disabled persons who cannot travel by aircraft. They require a medical team to travel and able helpers. The group consists of 3 trustees which includes a group leader. There are further helpers who are stalwart supporters in the group who travel annually to assist the sick and disabled. The Jumbulance will accommodate 24 persons in total. On reaching Lourdes the entire group resides full board in Hotel Mediterrannee with facilities for disabled persons. A full itinerary is followed for the week, with special services for our sick persons. The group also take their sick persons to places of interest around Lourdes, and plan a day’s outing, For many of the sick persons it is also a holiday, and some may not be able to return due to their illness. Throughout the year the group organises events, fundraising evenings, appeals and occupy the Charity Shop in lower Port Glasgow Town for some weeks, at the cost of £150 p/w. Inverclyde Across group is termed a Local group, they must raise funds to pay the full costs of the Jumbulance which is more than £18,000 for the week. In undertaking the Pilgrimage, the group, which has a very small number of volunteers and fundraisers, strive to enrich the lives of all their Pilgrims, and to lighten in some way the burden which their illness deems them to carry. The sick or disabled are usually from Inverclyde, and denomination is never an issue, only a willingness to take part in the Pilgrimage.


Physically Accessible: Fully
Dementia Friendly: Yes
Autism Friendly: Yes

Key Info

Opening Hours

Mon. 10am-4pm
Tue. 10am-4pm
Wed. 10am-4pm
Thu. 10am-4pm
Fri. 10am-4pm
Sat. 10am-4pm
Sun. 10am-4pm

Service Usage

Minimum Age: 16
Maximum Age: 100
Cost: Free

Details of Costs

The group fundraise throughout the year to pay as much as the costs of hiring the Jumbulance from Across-uk The full cost of hiring the Jumbulance is greater than £18,000 Helpers pay own fares . but group pays for medical team and Chaplain

Eligibility Criteria

The group look for helpers who will assist with fundraising and assist those unable/sick persons in Lourdes. Although the name is Inverclyde Across group , the group consider outwith the area. Across UK state a young helper requires to be at least 16 years.

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