Warm Hand of Friendship - Inverclyde Faith in Throughcare

Warm Hand of Friendship - Inverclyde Faith in Throughcare

Ifit have used the fund to deliver warm packs to their service users

Inverclyde Faith in Throughcare (IFit) support people returning from prison to reconnect with their communities. They used Inverclyde Council’s Warm Hand of Friendship fund to directly help their service users during this difficult time.

We spoke to IFit Coordinator, Robbie Miller, about the impact of the fund.

“Thanks to our amazing staff and volunteers at Inverclyde Faith in Throughcare, our service responded to the fuel energy crisis by providing warm boxes.

“Our volunteers shopped in local stores and sourced hats, gloves, scarfs, food/drink flasks, warm blankets, war/1m loungewear sets, individual backpacks, warm jackets and packs of 5 x warm socks. We made up the individual warm packs that were collected and distributed to all IFiT participants.

“IFiT Staff set aside a day to visit participants at a suitable location and at homes to personally top up electricity and gas meters.

“We provided engaging participants with top ups which has been very well received and all are grateful. We were also able to provide participants and volunteers with hot foods while attending the Dutch Gable on a Monday morning while engaging in recovery orientated groups.”

Find out more about Inverclyde’s Warm Hand of Friendship initiative and view the map of warm spaces and activities:


Chris Park

Publish Date:

Feb 10, 2023