Remembering Together: Inverclyde's Covid Memorial

Remembering Together: Inverclyde's Covid Memorial

Local artists are invited to submit their proposals for the memorial

CVS Inverclyde are working with greenspace Scotland to co-create a Covid community memorial for Inverclyde as part of a Scotland-wide programme called Remembering Together. This aims to produce “collective acts of reflection, remembrance, hope, and healing” across the thirty-two council areas of Scotland. The program is taking an inclusive, learning and sustainable approach, founded on the four values of: relevant, welcoming, aware, honest. 

All local artists and creative practitioners in Inverclyde are invited to submit proposals to co-create the memorial in Inverclyde with local groups and communities. The successful applicant will work with the community to explore who, what and how we want to remember those affected by Covid-19, as well as celebrating the ways in which Scottish communities have come together during this difficult period. 

The project brief, (linked below) outlines the project phases: 

In Phase 1, artists/practitioners will be supported with £15K commission to cover fees and associated costs to work with local communities to explore and shape ideas for a creative output that reflects local people’s experiences of the pandemic. 

In Phase 2, funding of circa £100K will be available to realise the project, which may include commemorative gardens, memorials, public or digital artworks, theatre or music performances, or events in parks, greenspaces or other types of public space. The second phase is likely to involve (a) new artist(s), with the potential for continued involvement of the Phase 1 artist, who will also be eligible to apply as lead artist on Phase 2. 

The artist is set to be appointed in May 2022 and will have approximately 5 months to complete Phase 1. Phase 2 will begin immediately afterwards and will have 9 months for completion.  

Please note that the brief is for Phase 1 only. 

The artist applying must meet certain criteria, including: being a resident of Inverclyde (or able to demonstrate a deep understanding of the area); focusing on co-creation and engagement, rather than artistic concept; able to create a welcoming, safe and positive environment for sharing stories and ideas; arriving at a co-created concept for a local community memorial after the Phase 1 engagement period. 

To apply for this opportunity, you can send an expression of interest to by 24th of March at 12 noon

To find out more, and read the full brief, click here: 


Megan Murray

Publish Date:

Mar 17, 2022