Trustees' Week - Inverclyde Community Fund

Trustees' Week - Inverclyde Community Fund

"You never know, you might be exactly what they are looking for!”

Inverclyde Community Fund support many local organisations and they can only do their incredible work because of the commitment of their Board.

The current Trustees of Inverclyde Community Fund SCIO (ICF) are:

Keith Wimbles (Chair), Elizabeth Robertson (Vice Chair), Eleanor Robertson, Andrew Bowman, Susan Robinson, Charlene Elliott, Siobhan Mahon, Elliott McKelvie, David McCallum, and Christie McAlpine.

We caught up with Keith Wimbles, Chair of the Board, who wants to thank the team.

“As Chair, I would like to thank our Trustees for their dedication to ICF and commitment to making a difference to the people and the environment of Inverclyde. Their skills, local knowledge, and understanding of the strengths and challenges of the third sector in Inverclyde are invaluable to us as a grant maker. We are a small charity without paid staff, so the work of our Trustees and volunteers means we can fund and support the great work of Inverclyde voluntary organisations.

“Being a Trustee is a very rewarding voluntary role, and I would encourage anyone who is passionate about their community and wants to make a difference, to check out local Trustee opportunities and contact the organisations to get more information. You never know, you might be exactly what they are looking for!”

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Chris Park

Publish Date:

Nov 7, 2023