Barnardo's Nurture Service Inverclyde

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Barnardo's Nurture Service Inverclyde

A service by Barnardo's Nurture Service Inverclyde

01475 783317
81 West Blackhall Street, Greenock, PA15 1XP (around km away)
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About the Service

Nurture Services is a family support provision and provides a wide range of universal and specialist opportunities on site and in the wider community to promote family wellbeing, our staff are skilled at delivering services to children at different ages and stages - from pre-birth to children in high school. Children and families are at the core of everything we do, we have the space to accommodate group work activities and individual packages of support. We have developed specialist support in line with identified needs. Within the Nurture Services we have different teams, such as: Thrive Team, Early Years Team & the Attainment Team.

There is Warm Space availability at Nurture Service for families who currently use our services.


Physically Accessible: Fully
Dementia Friendly: Yes, but not speciality
Autism Friendly: Yes

Key Info

Opening Hours

Mon. 9am-7pm
Tue. 9am-7pm
Wed. 9am-7pm
Thu. 9am-7pm
Fri. 9am-4pm

Notes - These are our core hours, Mon-Fri. There is flexibility in relation to individual needs.

Service Usage

Minimum Age:
Maximum Age:
Cost: Free

Eligibility Criteria

Accepts self-referrals along with referrals from GP, social work, schools etc

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