Beacon Youth Theatre

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Beacon Youth Theatre

A service by Beacon Arts Centre

01475 723723
Greenock, PA15 1HJ (around km away)
Beacon Youth Theatre
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About the Service

Beacon Youth Theatre invites young people to use their imagination, share ideas, tell real-life stories and collaborate to make them come alive on stage. We provide a positive and supportive environment allowing children and young people between the ages of 5 and 18 to develop not only their skills in theatre and performance but also in communication, confidence and working as a team. We encourage participants to use their voices to effect change in the world through the art of theatre and performance. If you are interested in becoming a member of Beacon Youth Theatre, please email us: and include the name, age and contact details of the participant.


Physically Accessible: Fully
Dementia Friendly: No
Autism Friendly: Yes

Key Info

Opening Hours

Sun. 10am - 4:15pm

Notes - Glowbugs (5-8 years) 10 - 10.45am | Little Sparks (8-11 years) 11am – 12pm | Flames (11-14 years) 12.30 – 2pm | Beacons (14-18 years) 2.15 – 4.15pm

Service Usage

Minimum Age: 5
Maximum Age: 18
Cost: Paid

Details of Costs

For a six-week term: Glowbugs (5-8 years) £30 | Little Sparks (8-11 years) £36 | Flames (11-14 years) £42 | Beacons (14-18 years) £48

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